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How can mobile applications encourage social engagement relevant to society now? Our goal is to help businesses develop corporate environmentalism by encouraging young people to interact with our virtual global ecosystem; to find and save endangered species

Lynn Rogoff

The Panda habitat is being destroyed by humans invading their SW China bamboo feeding grounds. Pandas no longer have enough bamboo to eat and have become an endangered species. Your job is to replenish the Panda bamboo fields, find the Panda Den in the mountains and save the Panda family from extinction. You need to remove the rice paddies, livestock destruction and logging camps. Plant bamboo with your GKM badge will bring the Pandas closer to you. Watch for poachers who are ensnaring the pandas.

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Rice Paddy Game

Player finds rice paddies. Player must re‐seed the land with bamboo by planting seeds in the holes with the GKM badge. If player wins points then can move closer to Panda. Play